Stories of Sustainability

With Live-Music by Zam Johnson

Premiere on Saturday 24. June 2017

A gas pipeline is to be built right through Brandenburg transported gas from Russia to Germany. A woman from the United States wants to warn the local population not to allow gas generated by fracking into their country. She occupies the pipeline manager’s garden with the audience and a symbolic drilling derick and sets up to stay.  It's then that she encounters his wife.

Two very different women and world views collide. A storytelling dialogue ensues which tells not only of the womens’ experiences past and present, but of the fate of humankind – avoidable or unavoidable as it may be. They try to find common ground in music, but ultimately they are at the mercy of climate change. 

Based on 2 true life stories... one from the USA and the real story of the Brandenburg pipeline.

Duration: 1 hour
Genre: Storytelling-Theatre with live music
Director: Ingrid Müller-Farny
Script: Rachel Clarke


Anna, Environmentalist / Rachel Clarke
Grace, wife of the pipeline manager / Ingrid Müller-Farny
Environmental Activist / Georg Losch
Musician and Environmentalist / Zam Johnson