Learn techniques, tips and tricks to make you feel comfortable telling a story - anywhere.

You communicate a lot at work.  You must convince people of your content. Or you would like to entertain the people around you, make them smile or laugh more with amusing anecdotes. Say the right thing at the right time and move others.  Express your experience colourfully and yet pointedly.

Build your story!

Transform your experiences into an eventful plot with a clear dramaturgical structure and a dramatic tension curve.  Practice linking past, present and future in a few well-chosen sentences. Awaken joy, longing and curiousity in your listeners. Weave your narrative threads so that it ends in a wonderful insight for the audience. 

Tell your tale now loudly, now quietly, now light-heartedly, now saddened, now sensitively, now boisterously, in short:  you captivate and bewitch your audience with all the techniques that the art of storytelling has to offer.

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