Wild Tales

A storytelling journey round Scotland

With live music by Scottish honorary citizen and accordeonist, Georg MacLosch

Storyteller and Scottish diaspora, Rachel Clarke shares inspirational stories, and gives you deep and humorous insights into Scotland, past, present and future.   

Hear the true-life-story turned legend of Colin the Quiet MacLoud, his wife Gehan and the GalGael Clan, and leave from Glasgow for the Highlands in their re-built Birlinn Boat.  Land on Eigg and meet the proudly independent people of the island, who bought it from an eccentric German artist. Experience the adventures of young lovers, Diarmid and Grania on the run from the 70-year-old Fian, his adoptive father, her ancient husband and the ruler of the whole Celtic kingdom.

Discover the rebirth of storytelling as a modern spoken-word genre, as it is flourishing in Scotland. Here in analogue, 3D style.   

These are tales old and new, exaggerated and true of a country and its people, who are as wildly unpredictable as the Scottish weather (rain, rain, blue sky and rain), madly compensating for their reputation as being mean with money by buying rounds of drinks, who love social justice, and have a sense of humour typically even blacker than that of Monty Python and their English neighbours.

Over the last 30 years, the Scots have re-invented themselves, shaken off their famous chip on their shoulder – just missed voting to leave the United Kingdom.  What now – after Brexit?  Let’s imagine life in an independent Scotland together – the good, the bad and the funny.