Stories from South-East Asia

With Lao-Berlin Singer Hatphasay Simmavong, Co-Directed by Georg Losch

Take a storytelling journey to Laos, the country of harmony, water beetle salad and of nature alive with gods and spirits. 

Hear anecdotes of farmers who literally moved their house downhill to escape from bold tigers protected by new wildlife laws, the Naga dragons who inhabit the waters of the Mekong, and stories of the young men who tempt their beloved on midnight walks with flashlights and red blankets. Meet the Naga dragon who inhabit the mother of all rivers, the Mekong and hear the legend of Luk Khampa, the outsider, who saved his mountain village from flood and fire, only to see it flooded by capitalism. Storyteller, Rachel Clarke and Lao-Berlin singer Hatphasay Simmavong share stories they heard and experienced living in this fascinating buddhist and animist land in Lao, German and English.