Storytelling - life writes the best stories - share yours

From eye to eye, mind to mind, heart to heart


At the Storytelling Arena, my shows, workshops and at conferences,
I inspire others to share stories and to exchange ideas on the themes of our times.



Entertaining performances with Live-Music and Stories

  • Real-life adventures in Scotland, Berlin and South-East Asia

  • Featuring the Heroes of today, who are changing the world where they live

  • Unforgettable ancient legends - re-told for a modern audience



Storytelling Arena

A multi-lingual stage for stories on the themes of our times

Since 2015, we have been running this monthly stage on the themes, which affect us all. Storytellers have been performing in tandem in several languages. With professional storytellers,  invited guests and an open mic for your stories.


In a story, the past, present and future can come alive - simultaneously


Inspire colleagues, friends and strangers
with a well crafted and well told story…