Storytelling is participation.

  • Storytelling as a Tool for use in conferences and meetings
  • Focus your content through expressive storytelling
  • Moderated storytelling sessions in small groups
  • Learn and practice bi- or multilingual storytelling in tandem
  • Practice creative communication in a supportive atmosphere

The use of storytelling techniques increases the level of participation at your event. Speeches in the form of stories have been proven to have a greater impact on the audience. Storytelling methods lead to a more cooperation and improved exchange within teams. The stories of staff members and guest speakers are dokumented in the form of podcasts or videos and made available for websites and other archives.

As an advisor for the German Society for International Cooperation or GIZ in Laos, South-East Asia, I implemented many participatory projects in a broad range of areas of expertise from local knowledge, community development, biodiversity to markets.  Comfortable in diverse and complex contexts, I am able to identify with clients content and support them in shaping the content of their stories for each given occasion.  As a trained actors director, I can help people working for organisations develop their individual storytelling style and become confident and entertaining public speakers.

Please feel free to contact me for further information.