Storytelling Arena

The Storytelling Arena is a multi-lingual Storytelling Stage for the exchange of intercultural and autobiographical stories on the themes of our time. In mutual respect and with audience participation.   

For hundreds of years, the power of storytelling has been an incomparable form of individual and collective participation on all processes of life. Storytelling is in its essence collective.  It creates community. It connects people, because it makes them curious about all the fine specifics of life and experiences, which people have made in their lives. When people from different cultural backgrounds tell each other stories, this is integration as a two-way street.




2015    Berliner Zeitgeist Stories

With professional storytellers told stories, each month on a new theme
relevant to current life and debate in Berlin, in German and Englisch.
With a 'Safe Haven' open mic for the audience's stories.

2016 - today    The Syrian Series

With journalists, poets and other personalities from Syria. 
Their own stories of life before the war and experiences during the peaceful revolution
first and then deeper impressions of life and culture in Germany.
A safe haven space for audience discussion.
Told in tandem in Arabic-English and Arabic-German.

With live music from Syrian musicians living in Berlin.

And with spontaneous dancing whenever the Syrian Tarab Band MUSIQANA played.

2017    The Arabic Series

Movers & Shakers, who have achieved a lot, here and in Syria. 
Programme to be announced soon.
In Tandem in Arabic-German or Arabic-English.


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